Legal Rights Of A Woman

There are some will kits Australia that are described as being a legal right, everyone living on earth has a legal right, legal rights can be categories by age, gender as well as by country, legal right is defined as a claim recognized and delimited by law for the purpose of securing, in some countries people do not readily know their legal rights and are sometimes tricked into handing over that right. All sort of people can be tricked into doing so but the practice is most common for women in the country as they are one of the most vulnerable groups in society, because of that this article will be focused on the legal rights of women. When it is election time in a country every woman who is of the correct age as a right to vote for who they want to represent their countries. there are some countries where women are denied the chance of voting, as a result the do not get to have a say as to who represents the country, these countries believe that men are in charge of everything and so only them should have a say, this belief is completely wrong, this is not so common these days as more and more women are getting stronger and strong and so taking control. Women have the right to choose whether they want to be parent or not when they already have a child, this is because the law allow them to give up the children for adoption if they cannot properly care for the child and if they feel the child will be better of emotionally, socially as well as financially with other people that if the child is to be left in their own custody. Women know knows their right end up better-off in society than those who do not know, Another legal right for woman is be refused to be search by a male police officer, in most country police officers are only allowed to search men in the case that a women needs to be searched they should be search by another female officer this is to reduce the risk of possible sexual assault, the male officers are not aware of the consequences. In the case that a woman has been assaulted, they have the right to report is as rape, doctors upon carrying out some amount of checks do not have the option to dismiss the claim. Within an organization female employees have a legal right to be protected by their employers from sexual assault, it is mandatory that within every organization s sexual harassment complains committee be set up where victims can report an issue if the issue is not resolve in the organization then that employee as a right to take the issue further and report it to the necessary authorities. Women have a right to get married to whomever they want if they reach the appropriate age within that particular country.