Inventions of the Great Human Mind

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The Wheel that changed Mesopotamia

Where would human civilization be if the Wheel was never invented?

Centuries, no thousands of years ago, in 3500 B.C. the Mesopotamian Civilization gave birth to the Wheel. Initially it was used as a potter’s wheel, and it took human beings 300 more years to attempt to use the wheel for Chariots driven by horses. The Wheel is everywhere. We use it to make simple tools like the wheelbarrow or the water mill, or for complicated inventions like tires on commercial airplanes that carry human lives up in air. We use it in agriculture, science, education, aeronautics, medicine, dentistry and all other fields.

The point is, there have been innovative things made by human beings that have completely changed the world and how we think. Creativity, perseverance and hard work are the harbingers of innovative inventions.

The Birth Control Pill – a Substitute for Abortion

Another marvelous invention is the contraceptive pill or the birth control pill. There may have been a time when all children were welcome.


Why? Because human longevity used to be less, with people dying at really young ages like 30 and 40. Earlier without the development of modern technology, infant deaths and birth-mother deaths were higher. But today out longevity is of a higher level, while modern medicine has saved the lives of thousands of infants, children, elderly and birth-mothers.

China had so many people living in poor conditions that they had to invoke one child policies, while Japan had to do the same for lack of space. Though China has changed their one child policy into a two child policy, with the population being up to a controllable amount, population control is no longer a novelty.

The birth control pill is a substitute to abortions which are a painful and traumatizing process. Plus, it gives time for family planning, and getting family finances under control to welcome children to a stable home.

The Computer with a Multitude of Advantages

Communication used to be simple yet hard. Our daily activities used to be simply yet hard. The Computer has added complexity to our lives that allows us to do a multitude of personal and professional activities with the limited amount of time we have. Most people no longer compose letters, essays, articles, graphs by hand. Photos are edited easily through a photo-editor app. Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media applications have allowed us to communicate, not only with people in the vicinity, but friends, family and business partners, employees and clients living abroad. The computer has been a great innovation but not flawless, you will still need to take advantage of computer repairs for maintenance. 

But at the same time some people mistrust technology, because like humans, machines have a breaking point if they are used extensively. Your computer breaking down on you can make you lose valuable information, documents and pictures, but thankfully with proper IT support these problems can be addressed and solved. So not only using computers blindly, but understanding how to maintain and use them properly is important.

These are just a few inventions among a whole list of amazing things invented by mankind like the light bulb, the airplane, the internet, the plow, the steam engine, the auto mobile, the fire, languages, antibiotics, the printing press and anesthetics.